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The team of HVK combines industry expertise with years of experience and is therefore in the  range of efficient management and rental of apartment houses and condos for his clients  adequately aligned. Our professionalism and expertise is guaranteed to provide you with  peace of mind. Particularly hard by the KÜHN GROUP  The HVK can rely on the professionals from the KÜHN GROUP GmbH who were many years  in the other segment, large property management with managerial experience, even on  property management specialists, architects, financial and marketing experts. Our customers  benefit in various areas - such as the real estate planning, maintenance, management or the  sale begins.
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+++ Personal and comprehensive care by the qualified and experienced manager and consultant team +++ Profound knowledge and extensive experience in management and rental of condominiums and apartment buildings +++ Discreet and reliable operation +++ Assume full management tasks and hire +++ Contact to financing partners and financial institutions